Beggshill Bothy & Dog Paddock

The Dog Paddock

The Dog Paddock is a secure space for off lead exercise situated behind Little Beggshill & Beggshill Bothy.

Designed to give our resident greyhounds a safe space to run, the paddock is fully enclosed with deer fencing that is just over 5ft tall.

The area extends to just under an acre. The main grass area is kept short, and there are trees and areas of gorse and bushes left for snuffling through.  Water buckets are provided, along with a poo bin. There are poo bag dispensers attached to the fence for emergencies - but please bring your own! There are (nearly!) always balls to play with.

The fences are suitable to contain the majority of dogs, however it is not suitable for determined jumpers or very small dogs. Sheep graze in the adjacent field and on occasion do come close to our fences and deer can sometimes be seen in the distance. 

We trust you to know your own dogs and to keep them (and the sheep!) safe.

Use of the Dog Paddock is entirely at your own risk. Please supervise your dogs at all times.

For Bothy Residents

Unlimited use of the Dog Paddock is included for all Beggshill Bothy residents, booking is not required.

When using the dog paddock, we ask that you hang a lead etc over the gate so we know not to enter.

We use the field to exercise our own dogs between 11am and 12 noon Monday to Friday, please ensure this slot is free and do not enter the field during this time.

If we have any external paddock bookings we will ensure you are aware of the date/time in advance. Please give any visiting guests ample space to enjoy the facility.

For Non Residents

The Dog Paddock is currently open. Bookings are restricted to one household only for residents of Aberdeenshire who live within a few miles radius. Bookings will be spaced out to allow time for users to leave/arrive safely and dogs must be on lead between your vehicle and the paddock.

We charge £8 per hour payable in advance.

To book the Dog Paddock, please call us on 01466 740363 or use our Contact Form.