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Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Related:

Q. Do I really have to keep my dogs on lead outside? My dog is friendly and well trained!

A. Yes! We know this rule will not please everyone, and if it isn't something you can adhere to then our accommodation is not the right fit.

First and foremost we live with our own dogs on the same site including a nervous greyhound, a confident greyhound who is not small dog safe and a silly boy dog who can at times be reactive in an effort to protect his sisters. They are never off lead unless in the dog paddock enabling us to always be in control. Neither our dogs or us enjoy dogs they do not know running over say hello whilst you stand back shouting "It's ok, he's friendly!"

Secondly we are surrounded by working farms and have built up good relationships with our neighbours. We would like to keep it that way.

Thirdly we are surrounded by wildlife including deer and hare who will often wander right up to the Bothy when it is quiet. 

Q. Does the Bothy have a secure garden?

A. No it doesn't - hence the on lead rule. In order to safely secure the small area outside to the required fences would completely obscure the views from the Bothy. As the dog paddock is 30 seconds away we made the decision to leave it open. 

Q. Are my dogs allowed anywhere in the Bothy?

A. Absolutely! They are welcome to hog the sofa, and sleep on the bed with you if that is what they are used to (we warn you the sofa is a two seater and the bed is a double so it might be cosy!!!) We have designed the space so everything can be washed. If your dogs are super hairy we'd appreciate if you brought extra throws but it isn't at all a requirement.

Q. Can I book with more than 4 dogs?

A. This one is at our discretion. We used to welcome unlimited dogs, but found that people with bigger packs really struggled with the on lead rule, plus the Bothy is quite a small space if we are talking 8 or more. It is always worth asking/persuading us! If we agree there will not be extra charges. 

Other FAQs:

Q. Is there WiFi at Beggshill Bothy?

A. Sadly no. The WiFi in our house is weak and relies on a physical phone line, and does not reach the Bothy. Services such as Starlink are currently cost prohibitive for us. Ideas always welcome.

Q. Forget WiFi, can I get 5G?

A. Again unfortunately not. Some mobile services have a weak signal outside. 

Q. I only want to stay for one night, is this possible?

A. Unfortunately not. We manage the Bothy entirely ourselves as well as working, and it just is not feasible. 

Q. Can we arrive before 4pm or leave after 10am?

A. It is always worth asking! If we can accommodate your requests we will, and won't charge anything more. We need sufficient time for a thorough clean between guests so it may not always be possible. 

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